Busy Trail Building Year Ahead for International Mountain Bicycling Association

Chris Bernhardt is director of IMBA's Trail Solutions program. Trail Solutions offers professional design and construction of mountain bike trails, bike parks and other riding facilities, usually on a fee-for-services basis. This post was cross-posted from the Trail Solutions blog


In 2013, IMBA’s Trail Solutions program will continue to bring sweet singletrack and fun bike parks to riders around the world. Highlights include:

Coldwater Mountain (Alabama): With the initial phase of trails built and bringing praise from riders around the country, IMBA’s builders have already begun laying down additional singletrack. Plans are in the works to connect across the mountain with more high-quality flow trail.


Existing trail infrastructure in Coldwater, AL

San Pedro Bike Park (Monterrey, Mexico): After spending 2012 building new singletrack trails in and around Monterrey, Trail Solutions is building the first bike park to serve the residents of this country’s third largest metropolitan area.

Louisville Mountain Bike Trails Master Plan (Kentucky): Trail Solutions will help the Louisville contingent of the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (KyMBA), an IMBA chapter, plan for their goal of having 100 miles of singletrack accessible within the metropolitan area. With help from several large donors this audacious goal is closer to reality than it might seem.

Garrett County Trails (Maryland): Western Maryland has rugged terrain, more akin to neighboring West Virginia than to the urban areas in the eastern part of the state. Trail Solutions will be working with state agencies to create a new backcountry trail network so more riders can enjoy this unique landscape.

European Trail Building Schools (European Union): IMBA knows that embracing the concept of sustainable trails brings increased access opportunities. WithIMBA Europe firmly established, Trail Solutions will assist by training advocates and land managers on how to build fun, sustainable singletrack.

Duluth Traverse (Minnesota): The Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS), an IMBA chapter, have been doing great work in Duluth. This year they are set to start major construction on the Duluth Traverse, which will offer unparalleled urban singletrack access. Trail Solutions will assist COGGS with the construction process to ensure their hard-earned dollars go to building great trails.


Riders on the Duluth Traverse in Minnesota

Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China): Although it's one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong has a surprising amount of open space. Thanks to many years of work by advocates and Trail Solutions, new bike-specific trails are being built by the land manager in Tai Lam Country Park.

Sandy Ridge Trail System (Oregon): A new trail is set to open at the renowned Sandy Ridge, with steep drops, big jumps, and lots of rocks, proving that IMBA’s partnership with the Bureau of Land Management continues to benefit riders.

Jinggangshan Mountain Bike Trail (Jiang Xi Province, China): Working with Trek China, Trail Solutions staff will be designing and constructing a new mountain bike trail in Jiang Xi province. The trail will be available for enthusiasts as well as to host competitive race events, which are growing in popularity in China.

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