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commented 2012-06-07 16:04:09 -0400
Greetings! Unfortunately, some pedestrians and riders

discover a danger, only sadly, when victimized. Please see the recent

canine shockings/electrocution on StreetZaps and view our safety

guidelines. I confer with Con Edison’s Stray Voltage and Public Affairs Units;

The> National Electric Code showcases the site. Shock victim, Aric

Roman’s, case first appeared on StreetZaps in 3/09 and is in pre-trial at Con>

Edison (please see Testimonies, Safety) as he is permanently

disabled.Please see our leaning/locking caution. Thank you in advance

and stay safe!


> In appreciation and with best regards,
Blair Sorrel
commented 2012-05-23 03:51:58 -0400
commented 2012-04-27 14:22:04 -0400
Dear Friends at America Bikes,

Good afternoon! After browsing your site today, I was very impressed with the availability of information your site has to offer. My name is Bridget and I am contacting you to help raise awareness of the dangers that distracted driving has on the safety and wellbeing of the community.

I would be grateful if you would share our resource on your links page. If you are interested, check out our resource, where we strive to provide the latest news and information to help keep our community safe. Please feel free to email me back if this interests you. I hope to hear from you soon and have a great week!

Best wishes,

Bridget Summers
commented 2012-04-05 10:48:51 -0400
published this page 2012-04-03 15:18:00 -0400