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Has the Representative co-sponsored bicycle friendly legislation? Cosponsored?
2011 Safe and Complete Streets Act (H.R. 1780)
A bill to ensure the safety of all users of the transportation system on federally funded streets
2012 Petri Amendment
A potential amendment to preserve dedicated biking & walking funds in H.R. 7, the House transportation bill
Has the Representative voted in favor of biking and walking? Supported?
2003 Transportation Enhancements
An amendment to preserve the Transportation Enhancements program for local biking & walking funds
2012 Petri Amendment in Transportation Committee
An amendment in the House Transportation Committee to preserve dedicated funds for biking & walking
2012 Transportation Bill in Transportation Conference Committee
Members of the transportation conference committee signed the new transportation bill before it was considered by the full House and Senate. Many lawmakers who support multi-modal transportation chose not to endorse the report to show their protest to a bill that cut biking and walking funds by 33%. A bike signifies a committee member who chose not to sign; a crossed-out bike signifies a committee member who chose to sign.
Has the Representative co-signed a bike-friendly Dear Colleague letter? Supported?
2013 Non-Motorized Safety Performance Measure letter
A letter led by Representatives Blumenauer of OR-3 and Coble of NC-6 asking Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to create a non-motorized safety performance measure

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These figures reference average annual funding from Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational Trails from 2009 until 2011.
Source: Fiscal Management Information System, Federal Highway Administration

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Fatalities vs. Safety Spending in

The number of people killed on our nation’s roads has fallen dramatically in recent years, but the number of bicyclist and pedestrian deaths is on the rise. Even as the number of fatalities has increased, the attention to bicycle and pedestrian safety has not. Less than 0.5% of federal Highway Safety Funds are spent improving bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

Proportion of traffic fatalities that are bicyclists or pedestrians in :

Proportion of 's Highway Safety Improvement Project funds that go toward making biking and walking safer:

Source: Fiscal Management Information System, Federal Highway Administration

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