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Biking & Walking in MAP-21

Congress passed a new federal transportation law, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), in June 2012. The law significantly cuts available funding for biking and walking projects, but also presents an opportunity for Americans to encourage state and local governments to fully utilize available funds to make biking and walking safer and more convenient. 

This page serves as a hub for analysis and resources on biking and walking in the new transportation law. We'll keep this page updated as new resources arrive. 



Our two-page factsheet on MAP-21 (online herePDF for download here) discusses the changes to biking and walking programs, new funding structures, and eligibility under other federal transportation programs. 

In the past, three programs were designed to fund non-motorized projects: Transportation Enhancements (TE), Safe Routes to School (SRTS), and Recreational Trails Program (RTP). In the last three years, these three programs represented 48% of federal funding for walking and biking projects.

MAP-21 consolidates TE, SRTS, and RTP into into one program: Transportation Alternatives. This new law reduces overall funding levels for biking and walking projects and changes how these funds are distributed for local projects. 

Get Involved with Federal Funding in Your Community


Want to make sure that your state and local government use every opportunity in the new law to make biking and walking safer and more convenient?

The Advocacy Advance team — a collaboration between the Alliance for Biking & Walking and the League of American Bicyclists — is working with local advocates and agency staff to maximize biking and walking funding under MAP-21. To stay in the loop, learn more, or get involved, visit Advocacy Advance's MAP-21 page

Next Steps on the Bill

MAP-21 was disappointing, but one unfortunate bill doesn't mean that we must resign ourselves to slowing the amazing advancements in biking and walking across the country. We are not going to let 20 years of progress in biking and walking come to a halt!

At America Bikes, we've been analyzing the bill and staffing webinars with our coalition partners to explain the new policies. Going forward, the America Bikes coalition, working with our state and local partner organizations, is committed to ensuring that states and local governments use every opportunity in the new law to increase the safety and convenience of biking and walking. You could say that we're shifting gears. 

Together, we can maximize biking and walking investments — both under MAP-21’s new Transportation Alternatives program and the larger core transportation and safety funds.

Learn more about next steps with the new law here. 

Analysis of Biking & Walking in MAP-21

America Bikes maintains a complete analysis of the biking and walking portions of MAP-21.

Originally written shortly after the law’s release in June of 2012, it has been updated multiple times to reflect new information. Most recently, America Bikes updated this analysis to incorporate interim guidance from the Federal Highway Administration of the US Department of Transportation.

View the full analysis below or online here

Full Text

For the intrepid among us, here is the full text of the bill in conference report form (PDF).

America Bikes' Statement on MAP-21

After lawmakers released the final language for MAP-21, the America Bikes coalition issued a statement assessing MAP-21's impact on biking and walking policy. Because the new policy disproportionately reduced available funding for biking and walking projects, the coalition opposed the new bill. 

You can view our official statement below or in our blog post from June 28, 2012

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