New Role Announced for Communications Coordinator Mary Lauran Hall

I am excited to announce a new role for Mary Lauran Hall within the America Bikes coalition. Starting on January 2, 2013, she will be the Communications Manager for the Alliance for Biking & Walking.

Mary Lauran Hall

In her year at America Bikes, one of Mary Lauran's main tenets has been that we better connect with local advocates, ensuring that we are communicating and working in sync. That is why I am pleased to know that her passion and savvy will stay with the bicycling and walking movement as she moves over to the Alliance, a coalition of 200+ state and local organizations across the country. I know she already has a million ideas of things she wants to do in her new job!

During her time at America Bikes, Mary Lauran has made quite a contribution to the coalition in changing how we work, both by making our work more accessible and more public. This new website, the blog, and our presence in social media are all due to Mary Lauran's innovation, persistence and hard work. All of these improvements increased our reach into the biking and walking community (and connected us with it) and many great partners and allies. 

Shortly after Mary Lauran started at America Bikes, we were immersed in our biggest Congressional campaigns of the last four years — pushing for the Cardin-Cochran Amendment in the Senate and for the Petri Amendment in the House. Because of Mary Lauran's outreach to reporters, we saw more coverage of our issues, giving our allies an opportunity to explain the issues and making Congressional offices aware of our campaign. This proved invaluable on Capitol Hill and was definitely one of the ingredients in getting the Cardin-Cochran provision incorporated into MAP-21.

More recently, she has been working with Advocacy Advance (a partnership of the Alliance for Biking & Walking and the League of American Bicyclists) on the “Navigating MAP-21” campaign, reaching out to local and state advocacy leaders within the bicycling community and with our national partners to share best practices and get media coverage on successes. 

I am personally thrilled that Mary Lauran is moving to the Alliance because it means she and I will continue to work together as part of the America Bikes coalition. Just as I continue to be a lead contact for America Bikes in my new role at the League of American Bicyclists, Mary Lauran will continue to work with and support the America Bikes Coalition through her work on the America Bikes website, communications and other coalition coordination.

Thank you and congratulations to Mary Lauran. I know we all look forward to working with you in the future. 

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