Our Platform

To make biking and walking safe and convenient for all Americans, we are asking Congress for:

Complete Streets

Our country should build streets for all users. A national complete streets policy would ensure that new roads accommodate all users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders.

The policy would improve safety, reduce congestion, lower air pollution, and create stronger communities across the country. It also makes fiscal sense--building roads right the first time can avoid costly retrofitting in the future.

To learn more about Complete Streets, visit our partner organization.

Active Transportation Networks

America needs a seamless network of on-street bicycling and walking routes within and between communities. When we travel to schools, to jobs, to stores, to recreation areas, and to see family and friends, traveling by bicycle or on foot should be safe and easy options.

We must ensure that spending on road and transit facilities accommodates biking and walking, and that state and local transportation plans provide safe access for cyclists and pedestrians.

A Fair Share for Safety

Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 14% of all traffic fatalities, but only 1.5% of federal funding goes towards making roads safer for walking and biking. To end this discrepancy, the America Bikes coalition urges Congress to create a “fair share for safety” program.

When state transportation systems use federal money dedicated to safety programs, those funds should protect all road users--bicyclists and pedestrians as well as motorists.

View the full platform below or download the Platorm here. (PDF file 1.1mb)

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