Santa Barbara Advocates Thank Rep. Lois Capps

California voters have an important message for Representative Lois Capps: "Thank you." 

Representative Lois Capps

With the 2012 transportation law, MAP-21, newly on the books, this is a great opportunity for staff at the US Department of Transportation to make a few common-sense reforms to make our roadways safer for all users. 

Representative Capps of California's 23rd district has done a lot to champion safe, accessible biking and walking in Congress. Last month, Lois joined other Representatives and Senators to encourage the US Department of Transportation to enact a few of these smart reforms for better street safety.

And earlier this year, she and Representative Janice Hahn (CA-36) co-lead a letter asking Senator Boxer (CA) to protect biking and walking funds in the transportation bill.

Edward France, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and Bici Centro, recently published a letter in the Santa Barbara News-Press paper to thank Rep. Capps for her work to make streets safer for biking and walking.  

Ed France

Despite the clear value of sustainable transportation, many in Congress have pushed to restore the auto “only” age. Last May, I was part of a local delegation to the DC Bike Summit, meeting with members of Congress as our new Transportation Bill was driven through. While the new federal policy is an unfortunate step back for cyclists and healthy communities, some leaders—such as our 23rd district congresswoman, Lois Capps—are moving forward.

In California, one in five roadway fatalities is a bicyclist or pedestrian. This year, nearly 5,000 people (a jumbo jet of passengers monthly) will die while walking or bicycling. Yet roadway funding doesn’t reflect this safety gap.

Representative Capps co-led a letter from California lawmakers to ensure funds for local governments to build sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails. She invited cyclists to join her press conference opposing draconian cuts to the bill and promoting completion of work on 101. We were impressed with both her positions and her work to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

As the government implements the new ‘MAP-21’ policy, Capps has joined others in Congress urging US DOT to take commonsense steps to reduce preventable traffic deaths.

Capps supports improving states’ methods of collecting bicycle and pedestrian crash data. Poorly collected data prevents action to reduce injuries and deaths. She is working to ensure states’ safety plans include strategies for reducing these deaths.

Thank you, Representative Capps, for your efforts toward active, healthy transportation forms and to protect the lives of all roadway users.

If you're in Representative Lois Capps' district, click here to send her a thank-you note for all her work to make biking and walking safer and more accessible. 

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