Caron Whitaker, Campaign Director

Caron Whitaker

Campaign Director

As Campaign Director for America Bikes, Caron Whitaker coordinates and implements America Bikes federal policy agenda.

Prior to joining America Bikes, Caron spent eight years at the National Wildlife Federation as Coordinator of the Smart Growth Campaign, Manager of the Population & Environment Program, and Director of Community Engagement. In addition, Caron worked as a Community Land Use Planner for the State of North Carolina Division of Coastal Management, providing technical assistance to local governments and staffing a stakeholders council responsible for revising state planning regulations.

Caron has a Masters in Environmental Management for Duke University, Nicolas School of the Environment and a Bachelors of Arts from Williams College.

Mary Lauran Hall, Communications Coordinator

Mary Lauran Hall

Communications Coordinator

Mary Lauran works to raise the profile of America Bikes’ work, the work of our partner organizations, and the importance of walking and bicycling in the federal transportation system.

She has a background in online strategy, social media management, and civic engagement. Mary Lauran earned a bachelor’s degree in American Studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where she hosted a radio show on science.

Mary Lauran also volunteers with The Bike House, Washington, DC’s bicycle repair cooperative.

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