Biking Across Kansas: A Unique Cycling Adventure

10 June 2024 Off By admin

Biking Across Kansas (BAK) is an annual cycling event that takes participants on an exhilarating journey across the beautiful state of Kansas. With a rich history dating back to its inception in 1975, BAK offers cyclists of all levels the chance to experience the state’s diverse landscapes, small-town hospitality, and the camaraderie of fellow cycling enthusiasts.

The Route

Each year, BAK features a different route, ensuring that participants can explore new regions and communities within Kansas. The route typically spans approximately 500 miles, starting at the western border and concluding at the eastern border. This coast-to-coast journey provides a unique perspective on the state’s geography, from the high plains in the west to the rolling hills and woodlands in the east.

Preparation and Logistics

Training: Successful participation in BAK requires adequate preparation. Cyclists should engage in a training regimen that includes long-distance rides, hill training, and interval workouts to build endurance and strength.

Equipment: Riders need a well-maintained bicycle suitable for long-distance touring, such as a road or hybrid bike. Essential gear includes a helmet, cycling attire, tools for basic bike repairs, and hydration systems.

Support: BAK provides a robust support system, including rest stops with refreshments, medical assistance, and baggage transport. Participants can also access mechanical support for bike repairs along the route.

Community and Culture

One of the highlights of BAK is the sense of community it fosters. Riders come from diverse backgrounds, yet share a common love for cycling and adventure. The event encourages social interaction, with cyclists forming new friendships and sharing stories along the way. Small towns along the route warmly welcome participants, offering meals, entertainment, and overnight accommodations, often in local schools or community centers.

Challenges and Rewards

Physical Challenges: The journey across Kansas is not without its challenges. Cyclists face varying weather conditions, including wind, rain, and heat. The terrain, while predominantly flat, can include challenging hills and long stretches that test endurance.

Personal Growth: Despite these challenges, the rewards are immense. Participants often speak of a profound sense of accomplishment upon completing the journey. The physical demands of the ride push cyclists to their limits, fostering resilience and self-confidence.

Scenic Beauty: The route showcases Kansas’s natural beauty, from expansive prairies and sunflower fields to picturesque small towns and historic landmarks. Cyclists have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of rural landscapes and the charm of Kansas’s cultural heritage.

Registration and Participation

BAK typically opens registration in the early months of the year, with spots filling up quickly due to the event’s popularity. The event is open to cyclists of all skill levels, though a basic level of fitness and cycling experience is recommended. Participants can register individually or as part of a team.

The 2024 edition

This year’s tour, marking its 50th anniversary, began on June 7th with an early start from the Colorado border, traversing through the diverse landscapes of Kansas. Cyclists embarked on a journey totaling 505 miles, passing through quaint towns and rolling plains, each with its own unique charm and history. The event not only promotes health and wellness through bicycling but also celebrates the rich heritage and warm hospitality of Kansas. As participants pedaled their way from Tribune to Atchison, they were greeted by the scenic beauty of the state, making BAK 2024 a memorable experience for all involved.


Biking Across Kansas is more than just a cycling event; it is a celebration of the spirit of adventure, community, and the open road. For those seeking a unique and challenging cycling experience, BAK offers an unforgettable journey through the heart of America. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer to the sport, Biking Across Kansas promises a rewarding and enriching adventure.