America Bikes Resources


Factsheets, analysis, and success stories from America Bikes

America Bikes regularly creates resources for advocates to use when working to protect federal funding for biking and walking. 

Resources on Biking and Walking

  • Biking & Walking in MAP-21

    Resources on biking & walking in MAP-21, the new federal transportation law. View America Bikes' analysis, factsheet, official statement, guides to getting involved in your community, & more.

  • Employment Impacts of Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

    Investing in biking and walking creates more American jobs. A study from the University of Massachusetts shows that bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects create more jobs per federal dollar than road-only construction projects.

  • The Cardin-Cochran Agreement

    The Cardin-Cochran agreement was a bipartisan compromise advanced in the Senate during transportation negotiations. The agreement proposed to give local governments access to a small amount of federal funds for small-scale, local transportation projects.

  • 83% of Americans Support Federal Funding for Biking & Walking

    A Princeton survey reveals that 83% of Americans favor maintained or increased federal funding for sidewalks, bike lanes, and bike paths.

  • Federal Investments in Biking and Walking

    A factsheet summarizing the national impact of biking and walking funding. Biking and walking projects help 16,000 bicycle retail stores create 70,500 jobs and bring in $6.5 million in revenue.

  • Investment Works

    When Congress invests in bicycling, more people ride bikes, streets become less congested, and public health is improved. Everyone—regardless of whether they ride a bike—benefits from the investment.

  • How to Plan "Show Congress" Events

    10 quick tips and a comprehensive toolkit to help advocates plan "Show Congress" events with Senators or Representatives.